About Us

Honoring Memory and Sharing Culture

Fancy Peasant embodies the rich culture and flavors of Greece, while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Founded by Anastasia Ganias-Gellin, a first-generation Greek American actress and mother of three. After losing her father to chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Anastasia decided to create a line of clean and medicinal Greek artisanal products that honor his memory and share his culture.

Masterpiece of Flavor

At the heart of Fancy Peasant's offerings is their hero product, Liquid Gold GEVOO, an organically grown Greek extra virgin olive oil. It's the foundation of Anastasia's longevity recipes that fuel the body, mind, and soul. This olive oil is a masterpiece of flavor and nutrition, carefully crafted to offer a true taste of Greece while providing numerous health benefits.

But Fancy Peasant is more than just a brand

With a female-led team and a significant Instagram following, Anastasia has created a community of people who are passionate about living a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling life. The brand's mission is to inspire and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives, and to promote a deeper connection with the natural world and the traditions of Greece.

Our Founder

Our Origin Story

Using her father’s humble culinary ethos and appetites as her guide, Anastasia began sharing this simple kind of sustenance with her community: “My dad taught me simple yet powerful lessons to live nurtured and happy. He emphasized life’s simple pleasures. I started Fancy Peasant to bring that sense of simplicity, family, and love to the fast-moving, modern-day household. There’s an art in moving slow.”

Where it all began

The birthplace of my father and the origin of our family recipes. I’d love to share a bit of my family’s region with you: Vavouri is in Epirus, a region located in the northwestern corner of Greece, bordered on the East by the Pindus range and the West by the Ionian Sea. Mountains rise out of verdant valleys like brooding whales in a green sea, truly. It is riddled with pristine rivers and streams, the cleanest in Europe, and picturesque mountain villages offering breathtaking views of the region’s majestic beauty. While the land is harsh and unyielding, it is abundant in nutrients that give the products it produces clean, sharp flavors that enrich the traditional cuisine for which Epirus is known.

Good Grief

Gold is buried in the places where life cracks us open. The loss of my babba (father) took a lot from me, but it also gave me a surprising gift. In grief, I discovered that teaching others how to cook my family’s Greek peasant recipes gave me purpose, pleasure, and a path to healing. I want to share the healing powers of the kitchen, where I uncovered an essential part of my father’s legacy that lived on in me: the art of living and cooking slowly. Using my father’s humble culinary ethos and appetites as her guide, I began sharing this simple kind of sustenance with our community.

My Father, Fotios N. Ganias

Meet the Inspiration

Fancy Peasant was born as an ode to Fotios. He grew up in Vavouri — a small mountain village in Northern Greece. As a refugee, he escaped poverty and the Greek Civil War, migrating to the U.S. which he called “the greatest opportunity of his life.” At 16-years-old, he learned the English language, worked as a dish boy to support his family, put himself through college, medical school, and established himself as a successful ophthalmologist. Foti was a philanthropist, modern-day philosopher, lover of learning, and valued his family and role as Papou above everything else.

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“This is the most delicious olive oil I have ever tasted. It makes everything better.”

Jessica Mercedes