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Our oil comes from a single-estate olive grove in Greece, located in Lechania, a village in the West Peloponnese region. The grove lies close to the Ionian Sea at a certain height above sea level that provides a unique microclimate for premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

500mL Everything Olive Oil
The OG500mL Everything Olive OilOrganically grown and sourced on a single-estate.
1L Everything Olive Oil
Best Seller1L Everything Olive OilThe mini version of our favorite tin.
3L Everything Olive Oil
Family Size3L Everything Olive OilYou’ll want to go big and get it often.
Liquid Gold Elixir Set
Anastasia's FaveLiquid Gold Elixir SetThe most ordered gift set. Perfect for any occasion.
Fancy Mini Everything Olive Oil (Sets of 12)
Best Takeaway GiftFancy Mini Everything Olive Oil (Sets of 12)Experience our liquid gold in miniature.
Liquid Gold Spout
POUR IT ON MELiquid Gold SpoutDress up your Fancy Peasant bottle with our self-closing pour spout in brushed gold.