What exactly is GEVOO?
GEVOO is our team’s term for Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Where is this Fancy Peasant GEVOO produced?
Our oil comes from a single-estate olive grove in Greece, located in Lechania, a village in the West Peloponnese region. The grove lies close to the Ionian Sea at a certain height above sea level that provides a unique microclimate for premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Visit our roots here.

What is the significance of olive oil to Greece, anyway?
The olive fruit has been integral to the lives of Grecians since ancient times. Known as an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, power, and beauty - olives have been the center of legends, traditions, and religious practices tracing back 4,000+ years. Olive oil was used to anoint kings and athletes, as a main source of light fuel, and as a beauty staple in which people bathed in for its natural healing powers.

What makes an oil ‘extra virgin’?
To be deemed “extra virgin”, olive oil must have 55 mg/kg polyphenol content, and less than .8% acidity. We’re proud to relay that our oil never contains less than 300 mg/kg of polyphenol (most of the time, it’s over 400), and our acidity is one of the lowest you can find, at .17%. That’s 4.7x less than the limit. You read that right - that’s the power of sourcing from a single-estate. Since each harvest is unique, these quantities will naturally vary ever-so-slightly.

What is a Koroneiki variety olive?
Known for its regal, small, green fruits, Koroneiki variety olive trees produce the highest quality oil yield of any Greek variety. Eleven pounds of those fresh, aromatic, green guys are packed into every single 500mL Fancy Peasant bottle.

What does our GEVOO taste like?
Our GEVOO is fruity, buttery, smooth and yields to green wild herbs. Its highly aromatic and so delectable that you will want to swallow it by the spoonful.

What is that intense peppery kick in the back of my throat?
That’s the feeling of high-quality stuff right there. It’s caused by EVOO’s high concentration of fatty acid Oleocanthal, an anti-inflammatory phenolic compound with the same properties as commercial painkillers.

Is your GEVOO organic?
The grove where our olive oil is produced uses natural farming methods (absolutely no spray or pesticides). After harvest, once the fields are plowed, reaped weeds are used as a natural fertilizer.

In order to be deemed organic, olive oil manufacturers need to have a certified organic mill and bottling facility. The small village that our oil is produced does not have that capability. We are passionate about the quality and integrity of the oil in this region, and our partner has demonstrated a strong commitment to the most natural farming methods possible.

Can you tell me more about your production methods?
Olives are hand picked from our olive trees in the early morning, and brought directly to the olive mill, where cold-extraction will occur later that afternoon (always the same day). Speed is imperative throughout this process, as the acidity process begins immediately at harvest.

Cold-extraction involves the grinding of olives at or below 27 degrees celsius (our producer grinds between 24 and 25 degrees celsius). This paste is filtered by a centrifugal pump so that the oil, solid residue, and water can be separated. The oil that is recovered is stored in aluminum tanks, where it awaits your request for a bottle or tin (or multiple, we won’t limit you).

Fun-fact: Cold-extracted olive oil is leaps and bounds better than that pressed stuff you’ve been buying. Low-quality producers will press their olives multiple times at high heat. This method produces much more oil per olive, but destroys most of the nutritional value. We’re quality-driven, not quantity-driven, and that’s reflected in our extraction method.

Is your oil gluten free, vegan, and kosher? Does it contain any allergens?
Our Oil is gluten-free, vegan, kosher and free from the Top 8 Allergens (according to European regulations).

How do I use the oil?
The beauty of our GEVOO is that it can be used on truly every style dish - be it making an egg scramble, salad dressing, baked fish, soups, and beyond. See our recipe library, or checkout our 5 Fancy Peasant favorites for inspiration.

What’s the best way to store the oil?
Monounsaturated acid, the heart of olive oil’s magical effect to protect your heart and brain, is quite unstable - and sunlight is its enemy. Our dark glass bottles will prevent light penetration, and therefore oxidation that degrades the quality of your oil. With that being said - its best stored in a dark, cool place, and we suggest to retrieve your package as soon as its arrived for proper storage.

Is your tin BPA-free?
Absolutely. We’re committed to keeping you and your family the healthiest you can be.

Are the bottles recyclable?
Yes! If you don’t end up recycling them, we suggest you keep our beautiful, hand-blown bottles as a vase or decorative item. Show us how you recycled our bottle by tagging @fancy_peasant!

How do I open the tin?

Our tins come with a built-in spout! Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to open your tin. 

Shipping & Policies

When should I expect my order?
First, thank you for being a Fancy Peasant customer! Our orders typically ship out within 72 hours.

I have a question about my subscription order. How do I contact you?
You can email us at if you have any questions. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

What is your return policy?
All purchases are considered final sale. Please contact us at with any questions or inquiries.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping cost varies based on your location. Your total will be calculated at checkout. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

How will I know that my order has been shipped?
You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order has been sent to you.

What if my order gets lost?
Please contact the delivery service should your package not arrive, and make sure to follow its journey by following the tracking link sent to your e-mail. Any additional questions? E-mail

Do you ship internationally?
We do not currently ship internationally (but plan to soon). To inquire about an international order, please e-mail us at

The Company
Where did the idea come from?
I am an avid reader and cookbook junkie, so I spend a lot of time in the library seeking out new books. I was always stunned and kind of sad that the Greek section never felt properly represented for the amateur chef - they were either encyclopedia style or archaic with no pictures leaving a visual learner like myself stupefied. For years I told dad that, one day, I wanted to create a cookbook or tv show that made our families Greek peasant recipes simple and easy to breakdown so no one would feel intimidated to cook Greek. It wasn’t until my dad died in 2019 when I really started to document my families recipes and sharing them on Instagram. People loved it and the number one thing they asked me for was GEVOO so here we are. It really unfolded organically and Fancy Peasant fans are UNREAL. They really supported me through the greatest loss of my life thus far.

Where did the name come from?
My dad was born in a remote mountain village in Vavouri, Greece. He wasn’t just an immigrant; he and his family were refugees that survived the Greek civil war and a communist concentration camp in Hungary. Despite all these hardships, his love for his country, especially the peasant cuisine never waned. He came to America and along with my mother they provided EVERYTHING for us that they never had. One day I told dad I had come up with the perfect name for my idea - it described us: (me) Fancy and (him) Peasant. He looked at me with a tear and twinkle in his eye and told me it was perfect. I’m just sad he never saw it come to life.

Are you hiring?
As a fast growing comapny, we are always curious to bring on new talent. You may send your resume and information to Fancy Peasant to

What’s the best way to reach a member on your team?
We hope that this FAQ can answer most of your burning questions. However, if there’s something you can’t find, send us an email at Someone on our customer service team will get back to you within 48 hours (during our work week - Mondays-Friday between 9am-5pm EST).

Do you have any stockists?
We do! Please e-mail for a list of stockists, as well as if you’d like to be considered as a stockist.

How can I stay updated on new products and events?
Sign up for our newsletter (in the footer), and follow us on Instagram at @fancy_peasant for more frequent updates.

Have feedback?
We love hearing your thoughts. Don’t hold back - send us an email at

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