Traditional Greek Recipes

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Inspired, Nourishing Greek Recipes…

Whether you want to curate the perfect Greek dinner party or a casual evening at home, these 16 traditional Greek recipes – with a Fancy Peasant twist! – have got you covered.

These are the recipes I made while spending summers in Greek village kitchens, learning techniques for transforming simple, healthy ingredients into food that taste absolutely incredible. They are the foods my father loved as a young boy growing up in Greece, and now they are beloved by my friends and family…and hopefully soon to be loved by you!

You’ll also find a list of Greek pantry staples, and guidance on how to make your own Fancy Peasant inspired recipes.

I’m founder of Fancy Peasant, Anastasia Ganias-Gellin


I was inspired to start Fancy Peasant after the untimely death of my father, Fotios N. Ganias. He was born in the village of Vavouri, in Epirus, Greece and his life was nothing short of extraordinary. My babba (father) was born a peasant, became a refugee, then immigrant, and through hard work and determination, became a doctor and philanthropist. Even with all his success, he never forgot his peasant roots.

I always felt I was standing on the shoulders of a giant, born with every opportunity a person could ask for. Hence the name: Fancy Peasant.

We offer Greek pantry staples, the queen of which is Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. GEVOO is at the heart of every recipe, promoting health and longevity through nutrient dense foods that are at the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet.