Chickpea Soup

Greeks have mastered the art of blending lemon and Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil with almost everything - including this insane vegan chickpea soup. You will find this simple classic comfort food in almost every taverna in Greece. It nourishes my body and soul and I hope it does the same for you.

Chickpea Soup


  • 1 cup dried chickpeas(soaked overnight or for at least 8 hours)
  • 2 medium sweet white onions, chopped fine
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 large carrot, shredded using a box grater
  • 1 whole peeled garlic clove
  • 3/4 cup Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 8 cups filtered boiled water
  • Kosher salt
  • Ground black pepper


  1. Transfer the soaked chickpeas to a large pot with the water they were soaking in (making sure it covers your beans).
  2. Bring the water to boil, then reduce the heat slightly and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes.
  3. Drain chickpeas and wash well.
  4. Add 1/3 cup of the GEVOO to a large heavy pot on medium, high fire.
  5. Add onion, carrot and garlic and sauté until golden brown, remove garlic clove. Add chickpeas and filtered water and cover pot.
  6. Simmer for 45 minutes.
  7. For the ladolemono or λαδολέμονο sauce: Whisk together the remainder of the olive oil, lemon juice and LOTS of kosher salt and black pepper (be generous these beans needs lots of salt to bring out the flavor of the soup) until it becomes creamy. (Please note: whisk right before adding into the soup as the sauce will separate).
  8. Slowly add the ladolemono into the chickpea soup and stir.

    Fancy Tip: Add a handful of spinach at the end for an extra veggie packed punch