I happen to believe GEVOO is the secret ingredient to longevity and in my case love. After I left for college, my father started delivering 5 liter tins of grassy, green goodness to my kitchen that I used for EVERY single meal. That delivery lasted for over two decades and always made me feel so connected to my family no matter how far away from home I was. Whether I was working in NYC, LA or London, he would always make sure I had a full supply of super high quality GEVOO.

On July 5, 2019 my father, my hero, passed away from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and so did his gift of olive oil. My fathers illness and subsequent passing was a personal crisis for me. In many ways I felt my fuel source had been cut off and that included olive oil. When I began to transition back into this uncharted new world without him I was so foggy but one task seemed clear - find GEVOO and so my quest to create my own began. I made the pilgrimage to Greece 6 months after dad died and travelled to various trusted olive farms.

I found one that made me feel like I was home. Simply put, our olive oil is the most delicious and nourishing to the core. My hope is that it fuels your families dishes and hearts with the most exquisite memories like it has for me. Fancy Peasant is dedicated to my babba, Fotios N. Ganias and his love for the simple things - like a home cooked meal surrounded by his family and some really good GEVOO.
With love and a lot of olive oil,
- Anastasia

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