We love to start and end our vacation in Athens. I prefer to do the big sightseeing adventures on the backend of the trip, especially with littles, so that everyone is adjusted to the time zone before hiking up to the Acropolis.

Where to stay:

The Hotel Grande Bretagne

This beautiful hotel is where we always start. It brings back so many wonderful memories of childhood. It is so much fun to share it with my boys now.

Gorgeous views from Hotel Grande Bretagne

Where to Eat:

Queen Bee

We always walk to our friend’s fantastic cafe, Queen Bee. Right in the heart of Kolonaki in central Athens, the food and location are divine! They have the best baked goods, omelets, and coffee.

Energizing green juice at Queen Bee


I am what I like to think a true connoisseur if pitas (that’s the Epirotisa in me). Spanakopita is the key to my heart, and this place doesn’t disappoint. Greek street food is the best food. I absolutely encourage getting lost in Athens and finding a hole-in-the-wall to get pastries and pitas.

Delicious Spanakopita


This super hip, local, laid-back Greek diner is a hot spot with excellent traditional plates like souvlaki, steaks, and seafood specials. We ordered everything on the menu, and each dish that arrived was better than the last.

The dining room at Dopios

Where to Visit:

The Acropolis

It is the most visited site in Athens for a reason. Go in the morning between 8 and 10 am or in the evening after 4 pm. We were going to visit this year, but in a real-life turn of events, we all got COVID and stayed in our hotel.

The Acropolis


Mykonos holds such a special place in my heart. We come every summer to visit my family. This island is so magical— from the beaches to the nightlife, you will find a place that feels like it was made just for you.

Where to Stay:

Santa Marina

Rumor had it that this is the best place in Mykonos for kiddos; damn, is that the truth! This place is a luxury, kid-friendly haven. Complete with a fabulous spa, infinity pools, and the only private beach on the island, my family adores the Santa Marina.

The pool at Santa Marina

Where to Eat:

Kiki’s Tavern

Looking to lay low in an intimate spot and have a heavenly lunch? Bring a towel and head to Kiki’s. We absolutely love it here.

Ocean views at Kiki's Tavern

Nikolas Taverna

A 3rd generation family restaurant. I swear, I will be dreaming about this lobster pasta forever.

Dreamy lobster pasta courtesy of Nikolas Taverna


The food, atmosphere, and energy will not disappoint. The fresh octopus, lively fisherman, and watering holes around each nook of the carved-out cave offers splendid discovery zones for the littles.


We went to Nōema twice; that's how much we loved it. It’s sexy and innovative, and the live music is pretty incredible. The modern twist on Greek food is insane. This is a MUST.

Where to Visit:


In classic Mykonos fashion, you have Scorpios for the best vibes, food, and people-watching. They also have a great place to shop if you need a costume change ;)


Great place for a family dinner near a fabulous beach. It’s like Disneyland for adults, complete with excellent DJs and face-painting. After the sun sets, though, you might want to send the kiddos back to the hotel with a babysitter so you can dance the night away.

Koufonissia, Schoinousa, and Iraklia

We day-tripped to the Small Cyclades, or the sibling islands, for a slow-paced and lovely look at the local Greek lifestyle. Truly the most hospitable and beautiful people around.

Agios Sostis

One of my favorite churches in Mykonos. Go, Go, Go.

📍Porto Heli

One of the most fabulous things about traveling to Greece is that it is never the same trip twice. There are 227 islands to visit, so even though I’ve been to Greece every year, I still get to see and experience brand-new places. This year, one of those places was Porto Heli. I’ve always heard about how beautiful it is, and now I can confirm: this place is fantastic.

Where to Stay:


Aman Resorts created this breathtaking modern-day acropolis. With olive groves and private pools, it felt like a throwback to being an ancient philosopher.

Where to Visit:

Epidaurus Theater

We drove along the beautiful Saronic Gulf to the atmospheric hilltop ruins of ancient Mycenae. The boys loved running up and down the ancient seats that sat almost 14,000 spectators.


Spetses is one of the most enchanting islands ever. It is an intimate port town with two different and fabulous identities. This bigger island is where Athenians and New Yorkers alike prefer to escape the city's noise and relax.

The Old Port is where all of Old Hollywood used to go. Elizabeth Taylor’s Hollywood. The nightlife and restaurants are glamorous and so much fun.

The New Port is an excellent place to soak up the beautiful Marina view and do some walking and shopping.

Where to Eat:


This fantastic restaurant is the oldest on the island. They have been serving the best peasant dishes in Spetses since 1930. Come here for incredible food and views of the Marina.


To quote Henry Miller, who visited in the 1930s, Hydra has "this purity, this wild and naked perfection"; it is "the epitome of that flawless anarchy." Almost 100 years later, not much has changed. There are no cars; it’s like being stuck in a time capsule.

Where to Visit:

Mount Eros

One of our favorite things to do here is hike Mount Eros. Hydra is a hiker’s haven. Make sure you bring sunscreen!

Where to Eat:

Tsagaris Pastry

This fabulous pastry place is famous for its almond delicacies. We cannot stop in Hydra without going to this place at least once.


Is Paros the new Mykonos? This place has it ALL, minus the tourists. I think this island might be one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.

Where to Stay:


Set in the soulful village of Naoussa —the jewel of Paros— with the clear-blue Aegean water at its feet, beachfront Cosme, a Marriott Luxury Collection Resort, embraces the energy of the sea and reciprocates the joyful pulse of the town.

Where to Eat:


One of the best hidden gems on the island. We got here and I truly instantly fell in love.

Aròdo Beach Bar

So off-the-beaten-path, they don’t even have a website. Enjoy the most extraordinary seafood of your life and a swim in the bluest waters. Aròdo will give you a slice of heaven.


This Yiayia and Papou spot absolutely crushes it. Their amazing vegetarian dishes felt like a home-cooked meal from my Yiayia.

Where to Visit:

Panagia Ekatontapiliani

Literally the church with 100 doors, this spectacular Byzantine church dates back to 326. We got to learn all about Agia Eleni, who on her journey to the Holy Land to search for the Holy Cross, was sea-swept in a storm to Paros. She promised Panagia that she would build a large church if her quest was successful. This church was built by her son in her honor and dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin.

I want to give a special shout-out to the INCREDIBLE Travel Agency, True Trips, particularly our agents Chris, Irini, and Sophia, who knocked it out of the park with planning, flights, and accommodation. Please book with them if you are a busy momma like me. ❤️

Thank you for adventuring with me; please let me know if you visit any of these incredible places by tagging @fancy_peasant on Instagram!

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